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Small but really smart Photostudio

Small but really smart Photostudio

The new Studio of "TheMediaGuys", based in Germany is finished!

A smart little Studio was created from an unused room in the new company building. From smart Dracast RGBWW lighting to an automatich background system this room now offers everything a photographers heart desires. More about this in the following lines. 

The media agency "TheMediaGuys" has moved into its new office building and a free room was available. It quickly became clear that this should finally fulfill the dream of having an own in-house studio. However, it was also clear that this studio had to do a large numbers of tasks, from simple product images to portrait shootings to livestreams on the greenscreen, this studio must be ready for anything at any time!

The room and the plan

With dimensions of 4.5m x 5.2m this room was not necessarily the largest and for many probably not the first choice for a Studio and they were aware of the challenge, but after a short time they had a concept and the project started.

As mentioned, there were many tasks to be accomplished in this studio, which is why the decision was made to use an automatic background system with which it was possible to choose from 4 different background colors within a short period of time. (White, Green, Black and Grey.)

(Foto Schienensystem)

It quickly became clear that an optimal illumination is particularly important when using the greenscreen for Livestreams. 

Selection of the LED lighting

Due to the size of the room and the widht of the background system of 2.7m it was clear that smaller Lighting Panels than usual in Studios had to be used. Nevertheless, the ability to control them centrally was wanted. We decided to show the guy´s our Dracast LED1000 X-Series RGBWW Panels. These Panels have a very wide beam angle in order to be able to optimally illuminate a larger area, have a full RGBWW spectrum (ideal for their demands on the portrait studio) and can all be controlled centrally with our Dracast DRX App without laying annoying cables through the studio. 

The decision to go with this series was quickly made and after measuring the studio with a light meter it was clear that 6 Panels would do a great job here.

Attaching the lighting

The Panels were attached to a small truss system and could thus be attached relatively close to the ceiling of the room.


This way they still have enough headroom even with normal room height. 

The lighting was installed in 2 rows. The front row is used for optimal illumination of the Background and depending on the application, the rear row serves to illuminate the lower half and the floor area, or as an accent light for shootings. Thanks to the setting as different areas, both, individual panels as well as areas can of course be controlled separately.