On this Page we will introduce you to some of our customer studios.
If you also would like to be seen here, just write us and send us your pictures!

1. Bildstürmer - Fulda, Germany

A very interesting customer is Bildstürmer based in Fulda, Germany.
Here the guys builded a 7m x 7m large and 4m heigh Greenscreen Studio for live keying.
The Studio is equipped with 12 Dracast LED2000 Plus Series Panels.

2. WERKZWO - Ahaus, Germany

The Greenscreen Studio from WERKZWO in Ahaus, Germany was something very special.
The CYC Wall measures 10m x 9m, has a total height of 5m and was made
entirely in-house from wood.

Here the lighting is based on 14 Dracast LED3000 Silq Series SMD Panels.

3. University of Liège - Belgium

In the course of a renovation, INYTIUM in Belgium was commissioned to realize a Project with a big goal.
They should bring several Companies together to form one media pool.
This Newsroom Studio is equipped with our Dracast LED500 and LED2000 Plus Series Panels.

4. TheMediaGuys - Bramsche, Germany

For the guys from TheMediaGuys it was about making optimal use of an existing not very large room. However,
this Studio should be ideally suited for every area 
of application.

This smart Studio is based on 6 Dracast LED1000 X-Series RGBWW Panels as well as
a few LED1500 Fresnel Pro Lights to set accents.