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What is continuous Light?

Continuous Light is used in photo- and video-production as a constant light source which stays on all the time. It differs from flashlights which can only be used in photography.

Why use continuous Lighting instead of flash lighting?

Typical Lights are a possible way for amateurphotography but a typcial LED Panel can light up your picture to daylight. While using a constant light source you can also see the light as you move it. That means you don´t have to make diffrent a trys like you du with common flashlights. Continuous Light offers you a huge variety Possibilities to reduce or increase the amount of light you need for your shot. Due to constant Lights you also create a cinematic feel for your Images and Videos.

Is continuous Light better than flashlight?

There are lots of different Opinions about this topic, but a lot of professionals already started to only use constant lighting. Especially through LED Technology became much cheaper and more effective than flashlights. The power of a flash is still more powerful than continuous light, which is a good opportunity in darker spots.

5 tips when using Continuous Lighting

  1. Use powerful lights with a minimum of 1000 LEDs
  2. Soften the light a little bit. We also send you a diffusor filter for that.
  3. Check the color temperature. Usually Daylight is the best option (approx. 5500l)
  4. Turn of all other light sources
  5. Use continuous Lights from three different angles. Two Panels should lighten the focus object and another one can be used to lighten up the background