Customer Studios

University of Liège 

In the course of a renovation, INYTIUM in Belgium was commissioned to realize a project with a big goal. They should bring several companies together to form one media pool.

This Studio is equipped with our Dracast LED2000 and LED500 Plus Series Panels.

Bildstürmer - Greenscreen 

A very interesting Customer is Bildstürmer based in Fulda, Germany. Here the guys builded a 7m x 7m large and 4m high Greenscreen Studio for live keying.

The Studio is equipped with 12 Dracast LED2000 Plus Series Panels.

Reference Video - Bildstürmer

Check out the Bildstürmer Greenscreen Studio and find out about they´re experience with us.

(subtitles available on youtube!)

WERKZWO - Greenscreen

The Greenscreen Studio from WERKZWO in Ahaus, Germany was something very special!
The Studio measures 10m x 9m and has a total height of 5m.

Here the decision was to equip the Studio with 14 Dracast LED3000 Silq Series Panels.

LA CITYVIEW 35 Studios

One of our Customers in Los Angeles is LA CITYVIEW 35 with several of their Studios.

These Studios are based on our Dracast LED2000 and LED4000 Palette Series, Fresnel Studio Series and Space Lights.

FXMedia TV Studio

This television Studio belongs to the guys from FXMedia where they record different programs. The Studiosetup can be adapted modularly and is therefore ideally suited for every application.

This is where our Dracast LED2000 and LED1000 Plus Series Panels are in action.

AMP Studio Services

The guys of Academic Media Productions created a new Studio for course lecture capture and training for the faculty. It is technically equipped on the top!

The main lighting of this Studio is provided by a series of Dracast LED2000 Kala Panels.

You are also planning to build up a studio, or do you want to convert your existing equipment?

Contact us, we´re happy to help and answer your questions.