Customer Studios

University of Liège, Belgium 

In the course of a renovation, INYTIUM in Belgium was commissioned to realize
a project with a big goal. They should bring several companies together to form
one media pool.

This Studio is equipped with our Dracast LED2000 and LED500 Plus Series Panels.


Bildstürmer - Fulda, Germany

A very interesting Customer is Bildstürmer based in Fulda, Germany. Here the
guys builded a 7m x 7m large and 4m high Greenscreen Studio for live keying.

The Studio is equipped with 12 Dracast LED2000 Plus Series Panels.

WERKZWO - Ahaus, Germany

The Greenscreen Studio from WERKZWO in Ahaus, Germany was something
special, the CYC Wall measures 10m x 9m and has a total height of 5m.

Here the decision was to equip the Studio with 14 Dracast LED3000 Silq
Series SMD Panels.

AMP Studio Services

The guys of Academic Media Productions created a new Studio for course
lecture capture and training for the faculty. It is technically equipped on the top!

The main lighting of this Studio is provided by a series of Dracast LED2000
Kala Series Panels and LED2000 Fresnel Studio Lights.