Dracast LED14000 Studio Space Light 2nd Generation

Dracast LED14000 Studio Space Light 2nd Generation

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With the LED14000 of our brand new 2nd Generation of Dracast Space Lights you bring the natural sky into your Studio.

These LED Space Lights are ultra-high-output fixtures designed to provide soft, adjustable light over a large area. These LED14000 delivers 1.400W power Output to 9 separate LED arrays. These LED arrays work in usion to provide adjustable color temperature from 2.600K up to 6.000K and are full dimmable from 0% to 100%.

These Lights are the ideal solution for photographers and videographers looking to evenly illuminate large area setups. The Space Light provides overall scattered light and is commonly used hanged on Studio installations to fill the setups with a general soft overhead lighting. It is also an excellent light source for exterior setups to simulate the skylight.

The CRI and TLCI rating for the entire new Space Light Series lineup is 96+ with no green or magenta shift at any brightness or CCT setting. Included LED lenses give you a 90° beam angle while removing the lens covers provides an ultra-wide 150° angle. Perfect for large Studio stages and Cyclorama walls.

The included black cloth drape allows the light to be projected more directionally and flagged to reduce the possibility of lens flare. The white fabric diffuser creates a broader, softer light spread with reduced shadows at the complete area.

The new Space Light Series from Dracast is perfectly suited to replace existing 3K and 6K space lighting fixtures with a fraction of the energy consumption. This equates to economic benefit as well as less heat management in studio spaces.

Product Highlights

  • Adjustable Color temperature from 2.600K to 6.000K
  • CRI 96+ / TLCI 93
  • 1.400w Power Consumption
  • 90° Beam Angle with included lens installed
  • 150° Beam Angle with uninstalled lenses
  • Stepless dimming from 0 to 100%
  • DMX In- and Output
  • Mount: Chain Set for hanging
  • Mount: 28mm Junior Pin
  • Extremely stable full Aluminum Case
  • Built-in effects for lighting effects such as storm mode and more
  • X,XXcm x X,XXcm x X,XXcm, Weighs X,XXkg
  • Firmware Updates 

What´s in the Box

  • Dracast LED14000 Space Light
  • Soft Diffuser Skirt
  • Black Skirt
  • Safety Ropes
  • Mounting Yoke
  • AC Power Cable
  • Limited 1-Year-Warranty