Dracast LED500 S-Series 3-Light Kit


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Dracast LED500 S-Series 3-Light Kit

This LED500 S-Series 3-Light Kit from Dracast offers image makers a capable 3-point light solution that can be used in the studio or on the road. The kit features three S-Series Bi-Color LED500 panels equipped with V-mount battery plates and additional NPF Battery Plates, each coming with a diffuser, a power adapter, and an individual soft case for each light. Complementing the panels are three lightstands for support and a padded soft kit case that can safely transport all the included gear.

LED500 S-Series Overview

Versatile LED panel with complete equipment
With the Dracast LED500 S-Series Panel, you get a LED panel that impresses with its wealth of modern features. This panel offers you a wide range of high quality lighting for your photo or video projects. The adjustable color temperature and brightness, Barndoors, a diffuser panel and the possible operation via V-mount or NP-F batteries make this LED lamp so versatile and comfortable in the application. The Dracast LED500 S-Series Panel is ideal for photo and video applications, portrait photography, interviews or product photography.

The Dracast LED500 S-Series Panel offers high brightness with 480 high-quality LEDs and a maximum power of 30 watts to support your photo and video projects. The color temperature of the Bi-Color version can be adjusted from 3,200 to 5,600 Kelvin in 100 Kelvin steps and ensures optimum design options for your projects. With an enormous brightness of 2.822 lux/3200K, 4.994 lux/4400K and 3.082 lux/5600K in the Bi-Color version, and 3.529 lux in the Daylight variant at a distance of 1 meter, this surface light also offers high power reserves. The power is infinitely dimmable from 100% to 10% on the panel. The beam angle of 45 ° is the ideal choice for both shorter and longer distances to the subject, making it ideal for both studio use and mobile use.

Comfortable operation
The high-quality LED panel has a passively cooled and very well-made, compact and lightweight aluminum housing which is anodized in the well-known Dracast Blue.

The Dracast LED500 S-Series Panel is equipped with a backlit LCD display that shows you the exact light level and color temperature. The included Barndoors allow a better positioning and focusing of the light. The enclosed diffuser disc also ensures a particularly soft and homogeneous light.

Light, compact, mobile – ideal for use in the studio or mobile
The Dracade LED500 S-Series Panel can be powered by a power supply with 6 meter connection cable, with two NP-F batteries or a V-Mount battery. The very energy-saving and efficient LED diodes allow a long service life and hardly heat up.
With two NP-F 6600mAh batteries, the LED panels can be operated from 4 to 10 hours.

The compact dimensions of 20cm x 21,2cm x 1,7cm and the low weight of only 1,3kg incl. Barndoors make the transport due to the enclosed nylon bag and the structure of this LED panel very easy.


Product Highlights

  • Daylight: 5600K
  • Bi-Color: 3200K – 5600K
  • 45-Degree Beam Angle
  • AC or DC Operation
  • 100-0% Dimming – CRI: 96
  • 20cm x 21,2cm x 1.7cm, Weighs 1,3kg
  • 100-240 VAC Power Adapter Included


What´s in the Box

  • 3x Dracast LED500 S-Series Panel
  • 3x Barndoors
  • 3x Diffusorfilter
  • 3x NPF Adapter Plates
  • 3x Carry Case
  • 3x AC Power Adapter
  • 3x Light Stands
  • 1x Soft Case
  • Limited 1-Year-Warranty



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