CVW Pro 200 7051+3051 Transmitter


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Product Highlights

  • The product features wireless and long distance transmission range
    which is up to 200m, and it also supports real-time 1080P video transmission.
  • Good stability and strong anti-jamming capability under 5GHz frequency band.
  • Strong flexibility; support manual setting for frequency.
  • Exquisite design; equipped with external SONY F970 battery mechanical
    interface for battery plug-in.
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CVW Pro 200 7051+3051 Overview

Pro200 provides you with a more convenient and safer solution for live broadcasting. With the advantage of long distance transmission and plug-and-play usage, it can satisfy your various indoor and outdoor shooting requirements. With addition of its free cable wiring needed, it will bring much safer and more professional experience to you!

Key Features

  • Real time, no delay
  • Input/output: HDMI / SDI
  • Support time code; SDI flag
  • 1080P/60 HD transmitting
  • Up to 200 meters wireless distance LOS


  • Power by lemo socket, voltage 7-36V
  • Broadcast version(point to multi-point)
  • With Sony battery dock
  • Full hardware design, plug-and-play