Camera Slider

What is a camera slider?

A camera slider or video slider is a tripod system to move cameras on bracketed tracks. The slider can be placed in different positions to film in horizontal or vertical perspectives.

What are camera sliders used for?

Camera Sliders can be used to create “reveal shots” of characters or objectives. This effect can be achieved much better by a driving camera instead of subsequent processing on the computer.

What is the difference between a Dolly and a Camera Slider?

The advantage of Dollies lies in the recording of longer distances, while camera sliders are designed for short distances sequences.

What length should a camera slider have?

Camera Slider exist in many different sizes. If you are focusing on product video, we recommend that you have a length of 30 to 80 centimeters if the product you are filming is not too big. For films or reports a length of 120 cm is recommended.

Motorized or Manual Camera Slider?

Motorized camera sliders are a bit more expensive but allow smooth movement of the camera. If you are planning a professional recording, you should rely on a motorized camera slider.Manual camera sliders are moved by hand or with a crank. The variant with crank for even shots is the better choice.


The field of application decides which video slider is the most suitable for you. For professional recordings, however, you should opt for a motorized version.