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A lot of possibilities

Dracast has a wide range of different LED Light´s to offer the right one for every application,

Whether you need Daylight, or Bi-Color, a large LED Fresnel for your movie Studio, or just a single Panel for your photo studio at home. Dracast wants to provide each Customer with the best solution to cover all application areas.

Of course, it also makes no difference whether you only want to film or photograph in your Studio, or want to have the Panels also on your photo trips, as a large part of our products can also be used everywhere with batteries.

Convince yourself, discover Dracast and the many different ways to get more out of your passion!

Aluminum Case

Quality is one of the most important points when it comes to professional Equipment.Especially when a Setup has to be build up and down often. The Dracast Panels are all equipped with an aluminum housing, which can forgive the sorrows of everyday life sometimes. Whether it´s bumps or dents, your Panel is ready for everyday use!

High CRI 96+

Not every light is the same. With the advancement of LED technology, the quality of the light output has improved significantly. The days on which you had to deal with colored reflections are counted! All Dracast LED´s have a CRI of 96+, which means you spend less time in color correction and more in doing what you love!

Always and everywhere

Don´t miss any more opportunities! Thanks to the use of Batteries our LED Panels can be set up at any Location at any time and are ready for immediate use. Whether you work with V-Mount, G-Mount or NPF Batteries. There is a possibility for everything.

Areas of application

Where exactly is your application? Do you own a large film studio, a photo studio, are you a lot on the roads, do food photography, interviews, wedding photos or product photography? We have the right equipment for every area! Talk to us if you want to know more.

Dracast Panel Light´s

Dracast S-Series

The Dracast S-Series includes the following models: LED500, LED1000 and LED1500. The S(lim)-Series is our currently most compact panel light, which offers just for the cheap entry an optimal solution. The S-Series is available in different versions like Panel, Foldable Panel, Daylight, Bi-Color as well as

Dracast Pro / Plus Series

The Dracast Pro and Plus Series consists of the following sizes: LED500, LED1000 and LED2000. The Pro Version is professional light equipment which stands out for its even better light output. Here the quality has once again reached a higher level, making this series one of the most popular with photographers and filmmakers. Compared to the Pro Version, the Plus offers the user the option to connect the Panels via DMX, as well as a more accuruate setting due to the built-in LCD Display.

Dracast Kala Series

The Kala Series is our latest model in the Panel series. Here you also have the choice between LED1000 and LED2000. In the area of LED technology, our experience and suggestions for improvement from longstanding customers are bundled here. This resulted in a series that is technically up-to-date in terms of lighting technology, can also be operated by battery as well as by cable, and has the possibility of connecting to each other via DMX and IRR (infrared remote).

Dracast SILQ Series

With the Silq Series you have the choice between a LE500, LED1000 or LED3000. The Silq Series impressed with it´s built-in SMD´s, which thus offers an even brighter and better light compared to the other LED Panels. (Beam Angle 120°). Furthermore, a thicker diffusor plate was mounted for an ultra-soft and super bright beautiful Light. All panels of the Silq Series are also equipped with DMX inputs and outputs, as well as with the new IRR System (infrared remote). Thus, the panels can be wireless interconnected and controlled by one unit.

Dracast RGB Panel

Bring color into the game. With the RGB Panel Series you can illuminate you shooting in Different Colors. Let your imagination run wild and find out for yourself what´s possible!

Dracast Yoga Series

The Yoga Series is one of our latest developments in the field of LED technology. This flexible panel can be bent into all possible shapes, thus integrating into the tightest spaces. Whether you need the panel inside a vehicle, or as the only light source to illuminate small objects directly from all sides. With the Yoga Series you are flexible in all areas of application!

Dracast Fresnel Light´s

Dracast Boltray Plus Serie

The Boltray Plus is an LED Spotlight which is ideal for occasionally placing spots. Due to a single built-in LED, the switch between Daylight and Bi-Color is possible flicker-free! The Boltray Plus also has the new IRR System (Infrared Remote) to connect multiple devices together.

Dracast Pro Serie Fresnel

The Dracast Fresnel is a spotlight with a step lens, so an optimal mediocre between hard and soft light. Whether as a backlight, guide light, or surface light, the Fresnel lens always cuts a fine figure. Due to the large adjustment range of the emission angle, the Fresnel allows you to put a tip in a tightly drawn state and use it as a guide light.

Dracast Soft Light´s

Dracast Ring Light

The Ring light is a portrait light which is used very often in the field of beauty and fashion photography. In addition, the frontal illumination causes a flat illumination, so virtually no shadows in the face, which brings a huge advantage for said areas.

Dracast Silkray

Finding the perfect ultra soft light is often a daunting task. Such a light that wraps itself perfectly around every curve and corner of your motive is often a mixture of art and science. For this purpose we have developed with the Silkray one of the softest light sources available today. Say goodbye to big softboxes, hanging scatter paper or bounce cards!

Dracast On Camera Light´s

Dracast Camlux Pro Serie

Our Camlux Pro is the smallest model we currently offer. Here are 160 LED´s mounted, which can also be set as a Bi-Color Version in the Color temperature and brightness.

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