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all possibilities

Dracast offers a wide range of different LED Light´s, whether you need Daylight, or Bi-Color, a large LED Fresnel for your movie Studio, or just a single Panel for your photo studio at home.

Dracast wants to provide each Customer with the best solution to cover all application areas.

Convince yourself, discover Dracast and the many different ways to get more out of your passion!

high CRI output

Not every light is the same. With the advancement of LED technology, the quality of the light output has improved significantly. The days on which you had to deal with colored reflections are counted! All Dracast LED´s have a CRI of 96+, which means you spend less time in color correction and more in doing what you love!

a variety of connections

The different Panels offer a variety of control options.

We offer control via conventional DMX, via APP, via WiFi and Bluetooth or 2.4G radio.


Corey Hour, a Freelance | Photographer | Videographer | Cinematographer | Editor from LA, has tested our new LED4000 Palette Series and gives it´s own opinion in a Review.

Let´s see what he says about it!

high quality

Quality is one of the most important points when it comes to professional Equipment. Especially when a Setup has to be build up and down often.

Dracast Panels are all equipped with an aluminum housing, which can forgive the sorrows of everyday life sometimes. Whether it´s bumps or dents, your Panel is ready for everyday use!

make up your own mind

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Dracast Product Range

There are advances being made in science and technology everyday, and a good example of this is the LED. Check out our Dracast Series and get an idea of our wide range of possibilities.